Friday, 20 January 2012

Finding a good podcast

Its been interesting to watch the ongoing debate of how the internet is changing games journalism from the sidelines over the last couple of years. New fads have come and gone often simultaneously condemned as a threat by some and lionized as the savior of the medium by others.
Despite all that it was simple practical lifestyle considerations which changed the way I consumed games media most.

I'm someone who's mind wanders hugely when unoccupied, so when I decided to join a gym to improve my fitness I started looking for podcast to keep my mind busy while my body was given a workout.
So I started listening to gaming podcast
I found that often their conversational format was a lot easier for me to engage with than written work

The big problem I faced was finding out what podcast were worth listening to. There's no such thing as dedicated podcast review site (probably for very good reason) neither was Itunes of much help, and I primarily found myself searching the forums of the bigger gaming communities (such as Penny Arcade, RPS, and GWJ)for recommendations.

So as part of my effort to get myself writing more I'm going to try and make a effort to fill that gap by writing a (initially) Bi-Weekly podcast review.
I will be keeping these reviews under 500 words and trying to get across what I personally enjoyed about each podcast while providing practical information which would be useful to anyone wanting to get the lowdown on a particular cast.

I'll be posting these reviews on a Sunday and each one will feature:
-A Short review describing themes covered, the atmosphere, and what makes it worth paying attention to.
-Average Episode length
-Normal upload day
-Topics: General gaming, One genre, Cultural anecdotes etc
-Format: Panel show, Interviews etc
-Best Episodes: Examples of the show at its best which would hopefully be a good in point for a new listener.

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