Saturday, 30 April 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons

I struggle to justify spending time blogging. It often seems a self-indulgent pursuit, where the only thing lower than the chances of anyone reading your work is the career prospects.
This line of reasoning is made particularly seductive to me because I'm acutely aware that my dyslexia has always made writing of any sort a struggle.
I'm bad at written communication and this can be exceedingly frustrating because I'm acutely aware that unless you are a Da Vinci level polymath able to do everything for yourself, communications skills are vital to work as a creative in any modern media.

In short I’m bad at one of the most important skills anyone needs to succeed in life, and its unclear if I can do much about the underlying reason.

All of this was sloshing about in the back of my mind when I started playing Portal 2 and was brought bubbling to the fore by a bittersweet piece of dialog by a charterer called Cave Johnson.