Sunday, 3 January 2010

Once more into the Bloging Breech

Ive always liked the idea of writing a blog but I've never been able to keep to it.

I'm not sure if its a product of my dyslexia or just something everyone experiences to one extent or another, but in my mind my thoughts are crystal clear & flow easily but as soon as i try to put it down on paper(or on screen) it stagnates and deadens.

This year I've decided to give it another try with 2 major differences:
1. No set subject matter: If I'm interested in it ill talk about it, i won't try and just stick to one thing.
2. Don't try and be journalistic: I may occasionally ramble slightly and my formatting and spelling may be far from perfect but if it allows me to write frequently, and avoids hitting any writing brick walls then so be it.

So i announce my intention to (e)publish and (quite possibly) be damned.

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